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Cutting and Self Mutilation

This is my first post here, so I guess I should offer a little bit about me.
I am a vampire and vampire researcher. I am also the editor of the Kindred Tribune. A vampire, otherkin, occult community magazine.

I have noticed within my own research in the vamp community that it is fairly common for people to use cutting and self mutilation as a form of coping or self expression.
And well I was/am wondering if it is "common" for people in the otherkin community.
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From my own experience, between myself and those I've known, it seems to be more likely a step in self-discovery. I've known a handful of cutters, not all of which identify as kin, and most seem to turn away from that habit as the develop a better understanding of themselves and how they can cope with the world around them. In other words, it doesn't seem, to me, to be tied to kinness, but merely a part of growing up for some people.
From my own experience, I'd say there's little to no causal relationship between being otherkin (in the general sense) and cutting. To be honest, I know more non-kin cutters than cutters who are otherkin.

Of course, if you're counting piercings and *decorative* scarification (as opposed to random) as self-mutilation, then I might reverse that, but I think the two situations (Being otherkin) and (Into body-modification) would still be independent, though possibly both related to some outside tendency. A person open enough to admit to feeling elven will *tend* to be open about other things as well, which *could* also include body-mod.

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In my mind it's a matter of intent. When someone chooses to do scarification, it's my understanding that the primary consideration is what the end result looks like. The method may have been chosen for the endorphin rush, however.

With the cutters I know, the primary focus is (according to them) 'pain lets me know I *can* feel something'. They might choose to cut in a specific pattern, but the method is the key thing.

Being a complete wuss on the pain front, I'm not likely to try any form of body-mod, so this is all from the point of view of an outsider. ^^
Common? No, I don't think so.
Although I do have trichotillomania, which some people count as self-injury. Pretty sure it has nothing to do with my 'kin-ness and more to do with bad genetics.
I believe it's uncommon or rare, nobody's discussed it with me, and I've never done it. Although I came close, once.

I suspect that vampires, given their special connection with blood, will see cutting more often.