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Understanding is the Key
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Date:2009-08-02 14:03
Subject:Konxari Cards. What do you think?

So I posted here a while back, but I think I came across the wrong way. I'm not looking to sell anything, just your feedback.

What's the consensus? A card divination process that combines tarot cards with a ouija board?

Can these cards really deliver messages from those on the other side??

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Date:2009-06-10 18:05
Subject:How to Perform a Konxari Reading!

Wanna contact the dead?

No, seriously. I've just produced a new video that shows how to use Konxari Cards to communicate with those on the other side. This may sound complicated, but this user-friendly video will show you all you need to know in less than 5 minutes!

The video below will have you solving your poltergeist problems in no time flat. Whether you're eager to ghost hunt, or contact a loved one long-gone, here you'll learn the simple steps to utilize the Konxari, quick and easy.

For more information, or where to order your own deck of Konxari Cards, visit www.konxari.com!

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Date:2009-06-06 16:44
Subject:Vampires Today: The Truth About Modern Vampirism (Academic Book) + Otherkin Interests

The author of the following book will be delivering a paper on Otherkin in August (2009) at the Association for the Sociology of Religion's annual conference in San Francisco, CA.  If you know of individuals with insightful perspectives or interviews to provide regarding Otherkin or the Otherkin Community e-mail us at research@suscitatio.com and we'll pass along your contact information to Mr. Laycock.  He is already in communication with quite of number of individuals from the Otherkin community to ensure as accurate a representation as possible. 

If you're interested in the Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study (VEWRS/AVEWRS), sanguinarian and/or psychic vampirism w/secondary focus on Otherkin / Therianthropy, or the vampire community in general you will want to purchase a copy of this book.  There hasn't been anything quite like this published before... a very different kind of text/approach than that of Ramsland, Guiley, Guinn, and others.

The academic and sociological significance of this work can't be underscored enough.  Laycock offers a sweeping scholarly examination of the vampire community and the process of self-identification as a vampire.  He counters many of the negative stereotypes of the vampire community and posits thought-provoking arguments regarding ontological diversity.  I strongly encourage everyone to obtain a copy of this book and link to it as a resource for vampirism and the vampire community.

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Vampires-Today-Truth-Modern-Vampirism/dp/0313364729/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1230149021&sr=1-1

Praeger Publishers:  http://www.greenwood.com/catalog/C36472.aspx

Religion Dispatches Article:  http://www.religiondispatches.org/archive/rdbook/1438/modern_vampires%3A_your_neighbors_and_spouses/?page=1

Vampires Today:  The Truth About Modern Vampirism
Joseph Laycock

Chapter 1:  What Is a Vampire? or, The Varieties of Vampiric Experience
Chapter 2:  Why Vampires?
Chapter 3:  The Vampire Milieu
Chapter 4:  Initiatory Vampire Groups:  Vampirism as Apotheosis
Chapter 5:  The Vampire Community
Chapter 6:  Vampirism and Religion, a Dialogue
Chapter 7:  Out of the Shadows
Chapter 8:  Vampires and the Modern
Bibliography & Index

Names You May Recognize (Mentioned and/or Contributed Material):

Atlanta Vampire Alliance, Corvis Nocturnum, Daemonox, D'Drennan, Don Henrie, Dozens of Groups/Houses/etc. (House Dark Haven, House Eclipse, House Kheperu, House of the Dreaming, House Pantheon, House Quinotaur, House Sahjaza, Temple of the Vampire, Order of the Vampyre, Ordo Strigoi Vii, etc.), Eclecta, Father Sebastiaan, Father Vincent, Goddess Rosemary, J. Gordon Melton, Kiera, Lady CG, Lady Dark Rose, Lord Alistair, Madame X, Maloryn, Martin Riccardo, Merticus, Michelle Belanger, Nicholas, Sanguinarius, Sarah Dorrance, Shadowlore, SoulSplat, SphynxCatVP, Stephen O'Mallie, Vlad & Sky, Voices of the Vampire Community, Vyrdolak, & Zilchy

Inside Cover: 

Vampires are not just the stuff of folklore and fiction. This book explores the modern world of vampirism in all its variety.

Around the globe, untold numbers of people are identifying as "vampires" and following the ways of "vampirism."  But what does it mean to be a vampire?  Is vampirism a religion? Is it a fantasy? Is it a medical condition?  Based upon extensive interviews with members of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance and others within vampire communities throughout the United States, Vampires Today looks at the many expressions of vampirism.

In the past two decades, modern vampirism has come under increased study, yet most scholarship has portrayed the vampire community as a cultural phenomenon or, at worst, as a religious cult. Having interviewed many vampires across the country, both "lifestylers" and "real," even those "reluctants" who try not to be vampires, Laycock argues that today's vampires are best understood as an identity group and that vampirism has caused a profound change in how individuals choose to define themselves. As vampires come "out of the closet," either as followers of a "religion" or "lifestyle" or as people biologically distinct from other humans, their confrontation with mainstream society will raise questions about the definition of "normal" and what it means to be human.

In this book, readers will meet "lifestyle vampires," who adopt a culture and a gothic ascetic associated with the vampires of art and legend.  They will be introduced to "real" vampires, who feel that they must actually consume blood and/or psychic energy for their well being.  They will hear from members of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance, and they will learn about the Order of the Vampyre, the Ordo Strigoi Vii, and the Temple of the Vampire.

There is no doubt that anyone who reads this book will find the details of real vampire life--including vampire role-playing games, grimoires, "vampyre" balls, vampire houses like House Sahjaza and House Kheperu, the vampire "caste" system, and other details--utterly fascinating.

Additional Notes:  The author holds a Masters of Divinity from Harvard University, a recipient of a grant from the Pluralism Project, and currently enrolled in the Division of Religious and Theological Studies at Boston University where he's working on his PhD.  He has presented on the topic of vampirism at the American Academy of Religion Conference in San Diego where he argued that "vampirism" should not be classified as a new religious movement (NRM) and to faculty at the University of Michigan and other institutional bodies on the sociological and emergent scientific aspects of vampirism.  Laycock is well versed in the structure of the vampire community, has interviewed many individuals from diverse paths, and attended multiple gatherings.

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Date:2008-12-23 19:17
Subject:Otherkin - Therian - Vampirism Research Surveys - Important Update

The long-term importance of the VEWRS & AVEWRS surveys can't be stressed enough and this will come into focus on a larger scale in May of 2009 with the publication of an academic book involving some of the information gathered thus far. This independent publication in May ‘09 necessitates that we stop accepting surveys and move full time into analysis and writing if we ever hope to finish this decade (over 130 additional surveys have been e-mailed to us after the initial Oct. ’07 deadline bring the response total to over 750+).  If you have not already completed these surveys (preferably both parts) PLEASE take an hour or so tonight or this weekend/over the holidays to sit down and complete at least the VEWRS (Part 1 - Survey). PLEASE encourage others you know to complete these surveys as well - we rely on your assistance to reach as many individuals online and offline as possible.

THESE SURVEYS ARE APPLICABLE IN PART TO THE THERIAN & OTHERKIN COMMUNITY - YOUR PARTICIPATION IS VALUED & IMPORTANT!  Nearly 200 Otherkin & Therians have already participated in this study and a year later we are extending the offer to participation one last time before initial publication of aspects of this study.  We intend to share the data with these groups so that both may benefit by having a clearer understanding of the demographics, experiences, and beliefs held by our different but often interlinked groups.  If there are questions located on the VEWRS (Part 1) & AVEWRS (Part 2) survey that are not applicable to you, simply answer "Not Applicable", leave blank, or where appropriate if a substitution of "vampire" or "energy worker" for "therian" or "otherkin" is applicable to you please feel free to answer and your response will be treated under the category you identify yourself as outlined on question #172 and #285 (Other - Write In) of the VEWRS and #383/384 and #982 of the AVEWRS.  The data will be divided into the follow classification based on your own self-identity.  Please encourage others from the Otherkin & Therian community to participate ASAP in this study!

V:ampire; V - VE - VO - VT - VEO - VET - VOT - VEOT
E:nergy Worker; E - EO - ET - EOT
O:therkin; O - OT
T:herian; T
How To Participate:

PLEASE download and complete the following survey(s) - if you don't have the time to complete both of these surveys please at least complete the 1st (VEWRS). Your input is more valuable than you realize and will help aid in the understanding of real vampirism, energy work, psychic phenomena, otherkin, therianthropy, etc.

Return the surveys to

SURVEYS: (Click Links To Download)

Part 1 - VEWRS (MS Word Format): 
Part 2 - AVEWRS (MS Word Format): 

TROUBLESHOOTING: (If You Are Unable To Read The File) - Simply Copy/Paste From The Web Sites Below Into rtf/doc/pdf/text File Format or Direct E-mail, "X" Your Choices or Delete Any Non-Applicable Choice, Send As Attachment:

Part 1 - VEWRS (Text Format): 
Part 2 - AVEWRS (Text Format): 


- Suscitatio Research Staff

Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study

A Detailed Sociological & Phenomenological Examination Of The Real Vampire & Energy Worker Community With Secondary Focus On Therianthropy, Otherkin, & "Awakened" Individuals
Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC

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Date:2007-11-15 11:04
Subject:Online study of paranormal/spiritual/fortean experiences
Mood: hopeful

This is a genuine research study, not intended as spam - apologies if it's inappropriate to the group!

If you are interested in spiritual, religious, or paranormal experiences, please consider taking part in a study being carried out online by researchers at the Experimental Psychology department at the Experimental Psychology department of the University of Bristol, UK.

If you have had one or more paranormal/supernatural, religious, or spiritual experience(s) (no matter how small) in your life, and you are over 16, you are eligible to take part. You don't have to be spiritual or religious, just to have had any experience that current science doesn't satisfactorily explain!

The study involves filling in short questionnaires at your leisure online, and takes about 30 minutes in total. The study is *completely anonymous*. Not even your email address is required! If you take part, please complete a consent form and *all three* questionnaire forms (so four forms in total, see links below for more info) and answer all the questions. Each form takes about ten minutes; you don't have to fill them all out at once.

If you are interested in taking part in this study, which is fully endorsed by the University of Bristol's Ethics in Human Research Committee, please click one of the following links:

Go straight to the instructions and questionnaires
More information at the study's Livejournal community,

The consent form will shut down automatically after completion, so you may want to make a note of the addresses of the three questionnaire forms. They are:
Form 1: http://www.personalitystudy.net/public_html/first_questionnaire.htm   
Form 2: http://www.personalitystudy.net/public_html/second_questionnaire.htm  
Form 3: http://www.personalitystudy.net/public_html/final_questionnaire.htm   

Thank you for your attention!

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Date:2007-10-17 10:58
Subject:Otherkin, Therianthropy, & Vampiric Research Surveys - Time Running Out To Participate (Oct. 31st)

If the research study located at the web site listed below personally resonates with you, please take a moment over the next few hours or days to sit down and complete the VEWRS and AVEWRS research surveys and submit to us via e-mail.  These surveys cover a diversity of topics including but not limited to:  psychic and sanguinarian vampirism, energy work and manipulation, paranormal activities, psi-related experiences, magick, occult, spirituality, therianthropy, otherkin, and awakenings (you do NOT have to identify with modern vampirism to participate in this study).  Any information contained within the surveys that aren’t applicable feel free to choose “Not Applicable” or leave blank when this choice is not given.  The AVEWRS (Part 2) covers the topics outlined above in considerably more detail than the VEWRS (Part 1), therefore, if possible please complete both surveys (in order); submitting individually as they are completed.  Additionally, questions #170-172 (VEWRS), #982, and #988 (AVEWRS) (substitute out vampire for otherkin/therian) are VERY IMPORTANT questions aimed specifically towards the otherkin & therians that should be completed in detail.  If you have any questions (please read the FAQ first) we’re available to answer them via the e-mail address given below.  We thank you for your participation and support of this important research study!

Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study (VEWRS & AVEWRS)
A Detailed Sociological & Phenomenological Examination Of
The Real Vampire & Energy Worker Community
Secondary Focus On Therianthropy, Otherkin,
& "Awakened" Individuals



VEWRS & AVEWRS Research Study Duration & Response Statistics:
VEWRS = 589 Days  ||  AVEWRS = 457 Days  ||  Combined Response Total:  925+

Background On Study: 

VEWRS & AVEWRS FAQ: http://www.suscitatio.com/research/faq.html

This study is a mixed methodological study of specific subcultural social group(s) (or independents) linked by an association with specific reported phenomena and is directed towards both an online and offline audience via quantitative and qualitative dual anonymous surveys. For the detailed purpose, definition and precedent background, ethical and privacy procedures, and all other information regarding this privately funded study please refer to the surveys themselves or the web site listed above.

Focus Group:  Those who identify themselves as practitioners of modern psychic (psi) or sanguinarian (blood) vampi(y)rism with a joint focus on energy workers or practitioners (psions, energetic healers, or others who manipulate psi/pranic energy).  Additionally those who identify with therianthropy, otherkin, and as being "awakened" individuals are sub-branched in the overall classification.

Format:  Two surveys (both structured to be independent or linked with one another, with first being an introductory examination and the second an advanced examination), anonymous participation requirement, embedded random+intentional response indicators, available in MSWord, HTML Text Format, or Printed Distributed Format.  VEWRS (Survey 1) = Questions 1 - 379 (11 Categories); AVEWRS (Survey 2) = Questions 380 - 988 (5 Categories)

Analysis:  SPSS w/Correlative Analysis, AMOS / Comparisons Of Qualitative Responses In Applicable Sections (Micro-Essays); Resulting Format = Book Publication(s) & Papers

Download VEWRS & AVEWRS Research Surveys:  http://www.suscitatio.com
E-Mail Completed Submissions (By 10.31.07) To:  response@suscitatio.com

Statistical & Analysis Updates:  http://www.suscitatio.com
Correspondence Or Inquiry:  research@suscitatio.com


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Date:2006-07-23 22:37
Subject:Bansidhe (Banshee)

I've recently found out by means of ritual that I am indeed, a bansidhe(I prefer this spelling). I'm torn, however, as I do not know anything substantial about the bansidhe. Everything I do know has been gathered from passing side and foot notes in books aobut faeries in general.

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Date:2006-06-23 21:56
Subject:Cutting and Self Mutilation

This is my first post here, so I guess I should offer a little bit about me.
I am a vampire and vampire researcher. I am also the editor of the Kindred Tribune. A vampire, otherkin, occult community magazine.

I have noticed within my own research in the vamp community that it is fairly common for people to use cutting and self mutilation as a form of coping or self expression.
And well I was/am wondering if it is "common" for people in the otherkin community.

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Date:2005-12-10 00:16
Subject:WEll here is a long over due post

sorry friends shit has hit me big time.

I did not mean to drop off the planet like that....

I am back more or less now but things have changed

I lost my job and my funding. The book is on hold but I am still looking for answers to all kinds of questions..

I hope to give you more soon

lots of love


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Date:2005-11-28 14:01
Subject:Final Survey

Good afternoon or what have you.

It has been a while since I have posted here though I have enjoyed reading the various thoughtful and interesting posts that have been offered since.

First of all, thank you all for the responses I have received to date. I have spent months compiling and working through the information collected from my last surveys numbering nearly 400 responses. The amount of assistance has been overwhelming and I am incredibly happy to see such a high level of support.

I also apologize for the level of crossposting but I do wish to get as many of the livejournal communities as I may for there are individuals who belong to only one or another but do not have huge mass membership.

Following is the last survey that I will need for my work. The questions are slightly broader in scope and several will require some thought. There is reason behind each and every one. I have spent the last month and a bit fine tuning the survey and adding questions after conferring with a number of very wise people (both otherkin and human).

I have had some strong interest in the book from several publishers and I am currently looking into which will offer the best price to the buyer as well as the widest possible distribution.

You may answer the survey here OR you may email it directly to kinresearch@gmail.com if you wish to keep your answers private. Information is not shared beyond the core research unless you answer the "bonus" question.

My Final SurveyCollapse )

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Date:2005-11-15 11:44
Mood: contemplative

Heya everyone,

I don't think I ever introduced myself on this community even though I have been a member since May, I think, but my name's Melissa. I am an anthropology honours student at the University of Melbourne and I have just completed my honours thesis on the Otherkin and their identity, individually and collectively.

Sooo... if you would like to see a copy of the thesis, please leave a comment either at the end of this post or on my personal account, or send me an e-mail at mjgrogan@ugrad.unimelb.edu.au

It's not exactly the masterpiece I dreamt it would be at the start of the year, but it might entertain some of you anyway.


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Date:2005-07-21 23:37
Subject:Otherkin Blog
Mood: hopeful

Hi. I've been a member of this group for a while but never had occasion ot post. Since I see there are sill people who fallow this community, I must spam it. Some of you may be interested in my otherkin blog, SAGEnet. Please feel free to comment and contribute articles and news of your own.

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Date:2005-07-21 18:15

Is this community still alive?


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Date:2005-05-18 07:43

Hi everyone, well I did something crazy this week. Click here to find out my reasoning behind not writing a generic 'how to' book about becoming an otherkin. I could really use some feedback.

May the wind guide your wings,

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Date:2005-04-07 15:27
Subject:A Request for Information

In the research phase for writing a book on otherkin a lot of information needs to be gathered. Please consider taking a moment to answer these basic questions. All questions are optional and please do not attach your name (emails and livejournal names will be stripped from the entries for processing).

Year of Birth:
Country of Residence:
Current career/occupation:
Age at which you "awakened" (or began the process):
Type of otherkin:
Do you believe in reincarnation?:

If you are uncomfortable answering here please feel free to email me at kinresearch@gmail.com

Additionally, I require a large accumulation of information to form a baseline foundation. Please feel free to email this to any otherkin you know who is not on livejournal: distribute personally or to email lists as you wish. All answers can be returned to me at kinresearch@gmail.com

Thank you very much for your response.

(very crossposted)

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Date:2005-04-04 12:09
Mood: bouncy

Hi new here
Marigold is the name :)

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Date:2005-03-29 13:53
Subject:An Introduction and Questions

I am both otherkin and writer. I have been aware of my personal differences for many decades and struggled with my own changes during a time when spirituality was centered around the community church. I currently live in the french part of Canada doing piece work and holding contract based positions. My research and interaction with otherkin communities has been leading to the eventual publication of a book focusing on otherkin.

I have joined this and other communities in order to research and collect information for this book as well as for my own natural curiousity. I do tend to lurk and read more than get involved in discussion.

I would like to ask a few basic questions. Feel free to answer here or to email me directly at kinresearch@gmail.com

Note that by answering you are giving permission to use your response in publication.

Thank you for your assistance and participation.

1. What is your name [optional]
2. What part of the world do you live in [optional]
3. What type of otherkin do you identify as?
4. What is the basis of that identity? Where did it come from or what supports it? Feel free to be as lengthy or concise as you wish.
5. What would you like to see in a book about/for otherkin?

Any suggestions or feedback are always welcome. I can be reached at the above email or through this livejournal. Thank you very much for your response.

(This is very crossposted if you see it several times)

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Date:2005-03-21 18:57

Just...reposting from my own journal...

A's been really down lately. Just...tired and lonely and feeling forgotten and unappreciated. Really depressing :/. Nothing much is helping...I think it's really more that she's lonely than anything. She's been sitting around for over a week, mewling and crying for attention, and nobody answers.* So then she just gives up and lays down, paws crossed, head resting on her paws. And goes to sleep. And waits for Eternity to come for her...but it never does.

I wish I knew what to do. But I'm out of ideas. That, and I'm already worrying about her leaving me.


I am pretty sure that...one day, she will leave me. She will no longer be my Otherkin-self. She will not live in me.

I still don't know what to do about that. Guess I'll find out when that time comes.

But in the mean time, she's really depressed and lonely, and I don't know what to do about it.

*nobody meaning, those outside of my head. She doesn't socialize much with most of the people in my head, and those she does, she knows still care about her.

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Date:2005-03-16 19:16
Subject:tibetan buddhism believes in multiple universes, many life forms...

I was listening to a video of Tai Situpa, a very respected young Tibetan Biuddhism lama, and he said, most casually, that if you have the karma for your next life to be in a universe ten or a hundred billion light years away, then you will just appear there in the womb of the parent immediately, no time having to lapse to get there after your death and bardo passages (travelling from one form to the next, basically). I thought it was very cool, because it point-blank states a belief that 'here' is not the only 'here' in that worldview, and it also endorses the reincarnation theme, which many people who believe in the otherkin concept also espouse. Tibetan buddhists also believe in six basic realms other than buddhas and they include everything you could possibly imagine: hell realm being, hungry ghosts, animals, humans, jealous gods (which I think include the major pantheons we know of), and gods. If anyone wants more details of these please ask...I think they're interesting, but don't want to push views on people...

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Date:2005-03-04 19:39
Subject:'Hobbit-Like Ancestor Had Sophisticated Brain'

Hobbit-Like Ancestor Had Sophisticated Brain
Finding Does Not Prove Specimen Is a Unique Species, Skeptics Say
By Guy Gugliotta
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, March 3, 2005; 2:10 PM Read more...Collapse )

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