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tibetan buddhism believes in multiple universes, many life forms...

I was listening to a video of Tai Situpa, a very respected young Tibetan Biuddhism lama, and he said, most casually, that if you have the karma for your next life to be in a universe ten or a hundred billion light years away, then you will just appear there in the womb of the parent immediately, no time having to lapse to get there after your death and bardo passages (travelling from one form to the next, basically). I thought it was very cool, because it point-blank states a belief that 'here' is not the only 'here' in that worldview, and it also endorses the reincarnation theme, which many people who believe in the otherkin concept also espouse. Tibetan buddhists also believe in six basic realms other than buddhas and they include everything you could possibly imagine: hell realm being, hungry ghosts, animals, humans, jealous gods (which I think include the major pantheons we know of), and gods. If anyone wants more details of these please ask...I think they're interesting, but don't want to push views on people...
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