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An Introduction and Questions

I am both otherkin and writer. I have been aware of my personal differences for many decades and struggled with my own changes during a time when spirituality was centered around the community church. I currently live in the french part of Canada doing piece work and holding contract based positions. My research and interaction with otherkin communities has been leading to the eventual publication of a book focusing on otherkin.

I have joined this and other communities in order to research and collect information for this book as well as for my own natural curiousity. I do tend to lurk and read more than get involved in discussion.

I would like to ask a few basic questions. Feel free to answer here or to email me directly at

Note that by answering you are giving permission to use your response in publication.

Thank you for your assistance and participation.

1. What is your name [optional]
2. What part of the world do you live in [optional]
3. What type of otherkin do you identify as?
4. What is the basis of that identity? Where did it come from or what supports it? Feel free to be as lengthy or concise as you wish.
5. What would you like to see in a book about/for otherkin?

Any suggestions or feedback are always welcome. I can be reached at the above email or through this livejournal. Thank you very much for your response.

(This is very crossposted if you see it several times)
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I tend to prefer discussion to surveys.
In research both have their places and uses: both are necessary. I am currently in the survey collection phase of the research. As I mention further down in this thread there will be a time to explore the more open ended discussion based information.

*chuckles* I'm tempted to cross comment to every one of those posts lol But I'm not that much of an ass. Good luck on the research.

Note: interesting discussion about fiction and otherkin
May I make a request of you, then? If you wish to ask so much of others (details which I know some are more than willing to give freely, likely plenty to fill a book), will you offer the same of yourself? Personally, I'm a bit reluctant to discloe my personal details as I find they get in the way of real discussion, bringing up preconceptions and such. So, I understand if you're hesitant as well. The idea interests me, though, so if you aren't willing to publicly disclose your details, I'm willing to take the conversation to other venues, such as email.
If you take the time to read my own livejournal then you will find all of my information both in the profile and in the livejournal entries itself.

The baseline data that I am collecting is required to present research and findings that will be seriously considered rather than offering theories created through casual conversation.

Closed ended survey questions result in easily compiled information that is simple to work with statistically. Open ended discussion based questions must be handled case-by-case and are much more difficult to summarize for presentation.

There will be a time in the research for the open ended conversations but I am currently in the survey collection phase.