Understanding is the Key

Understanding is Key
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This is a community dedicated to the research and understanding of the Other Kin Phenomenon. This is a place to post questions as well has answer questions posted by me the Mod. I am not Other Kin myself but I am here to provide a place of study and understanding. I am in the process of gathering information with the hope of someday publishing a book on the subject for the better understand and acceptance of those Other Kin. I will not tolerate abuse or bashing of any kind though I do understand that there are strong feelings about this subject. If I find you have become abusive in your posting you will be deleted. I will want you about it but if you continue you will be forced to leave.

No ideas in the community will ever be used with out the express permission of those who stated the ideas. This is a promise from me your Mod to any and all who post here. You secrecy will be maintained if you so desire it. For now I will all anonymous posting to aid you in stating ideas with out letting people know who you are. If this is abused, I will screen the post first. If the abuse continues I will just disable the anonymous posting all together.

Any other rules and regulations will be posted later if they are needed. I thank all of you who have come here to help in this great endeavor.

Power to you,
Your Mod